Richway Amethyst Poka Poka Bio-Belt Biobelt Belt Regular Size (55.11" x 5")

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Richway Amethyst Poka Poka Bio-Belt Biobelt Belt Regular Size (55.11" x 5")

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We offer a very generous 60 day refund as well as 30 year repair warranty from the manufacturer, so enjoy the belt risk free.
Just as thousands of users have done, you will be amazed by the power of far infrared ray and negative ion from amethyst and tourmaline.

Poka Poka Bio-Belt comes in two different sizes: medium and large. Medium size is 47" x 6.5" and the large size is 62" x 6.5. Please choose one that fits your waist.

  • Do you suffer from back pain issues?

  • Are you frustrated with stubborn abdominal fat?

  • Are you looking to stimulate your immune system?

  • Are you suffering from health issues related to hypothermia?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any one of the above questions, the BioBelt may be the perfect fit for you!

The BioBelt generates Smooth Far Infrared Rays from 8 unique gem stones to reduce abdominal fat, provide relief from back pain, and deliver thermotherapeutic treatment to the abdominal area (increasing serotonin and heat shock protein).  Versatile and adjustable, the BioBelt is an easy way to integrate the benefits of Smooth Far Infrared technology into your daily life.  The BioBelt has a completely different vibration from the BioMat.

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